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Pinot Gris 2017

Pinot gris/grigio wines are made from the same grapes (Pinot Gris means Grey Pinot in French; Pinot Grigio means Grey Pinot in Italian).When the grapes are harvested they are a purple/red colour. They are a natural mutation of the Pinot Noir (“Black Pinot”) variety.The colour of the wine is achieved by leaving the juice on the skins – and the longer this is done the deeper the pink colour that is achieved.

Wines made from this grape can range in colour from a bright yellow to copper to pink. Typically the Grigio version tends towards yellow while the Gris version tends towards copper/pink. In Italy the grigio version is usually picked some weeks earlier than the Gris version in France which is largely grown further north in Alsace. The Italian style is usually a light gold colour with higher acidity/spicyness and tropical fruit flavours. The French gris versions tend to have lower acidity and feature a copper/rose colour and have a more apple-like flavour, with a sweeter palate.

In Australia there are no rules about the naming of the wines. They can be called Grigio or Gris as the producer likes, but usually those labelled Gris tend to be sweeter and do have some colour (although not always).

2017 Adina Pinot Gris

The grapes were harvested in the first week of January. The juice was extracted on the same day and left on the skins overnight.Pinot Gris is an “early to market” wine and is sometimes bottled within 1 month after fermentation. Our 2017 version was allowed to settle for five months until it was bottled early in June.The wine was produced with a coppery/gold colour to be similar to the classic style of wines from Alsace. It shows flavours of apple and apricots.

Grapes were first planted at Adina Vineyard in the 1860’s and this variety has been grown on the estate since 1985. Pinot Gris (and its Italian namesake Pinot Grigio) is an emerging wine style that has found a big following in Australia.

Pair this wine with spicy seafood dishes, Asian and Italian dishes. As with all our wines, it has been made with great care, and we hope you enjoy sharing the fruits of our labour.

Volume: 750ml

$ 25.00