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Hunter Valley Wines

Below you will find notes on some of the wines we sell in our Hunter Valley cellar door. We hope we can entice you to click through to our shop so that you can buy them and more. Did you know we also sell olive products, condiments and so much more.

Red Wines Hunter Valley

Our wines are made from grapes grown on our Hunter Valley vineyard. We have planted the unusual: Tempranillo, Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc, and the popular, the fabulous Shiraz. 

2018 Sangiovese

The flavour and aroma of this wine varietal reflects the land on which it is grown, or gout de terroir. Our terroir constitutes clay soils, a warm to sometimes dry and hot summer climate, and rolling hills. These factors combine to produce a rustic earthy flavoured wine which pairs beautifully with foods that taste of tomato and herbs: pizzas, Italian dishes and roasted meats.  

2018 Tempranillo

Medium ruby in colour this Spanish grape varietal is famous for its natural capacity to age (up to 20 years). After spending time on French and American oak this wine has red-fruit flavours of cherry, maybe raspberry, and some savoury flavours pairing well with steak, lamb, and tomato-based foods. Our Hunter Valley Tempranillo grapes love the sun but do not too much wind. Our clay-based soils produce a wine high in tannins, all the better for ageing well. A very popular wine.

2017 Reserve and Estate Shiraz

Two wines, same vintage, both very different, buy both and taste together. The Reserve was oaked in high quality American oak barrels, it is a deep, rich, ruby colour, full-bodied and will only get better with age. Smooth and complex it exhibits aromas and flavours of red berries, chocolate, maybe a bit smokey (not smoke tainted), but certainly incredibly delicious. Grown in the Hunter Valley, this wine is a typical ‘fruit- forward’ example of a warm climate Shiraz. This wine that does not collapse after opening and does not need food to accompany it. The Estate Shiraz is perfect to drink around the barbie; it is fruity anmd medium-bodied complimenting the delicious charcoal flavours of BBQ food.  

White Wines Hunter Valley

2014 Hunter Valley Aged Semillon

This wine has the tanginess of youth, and with the benefit of 7 years in the bottle it has much more length on the palate, is smoother and has developed a deeper colour. Sip more than once to see what I mean. Did you know that early harvesting is critical to the success of a Sémillon wine, preserving the natural acid that is essential for good ageing. Ready to savour now.

2018 Pinot Grigio

This one of our most popular white wines. Made from grapes grown on our property it is medium bodied, dry and voluptuous with a flowery aroma and a fruit forward flavour, all these characteristics are typical of the Grigio grapes grown in the Hunter Valley’s warmer climate. Drink this wine now.

2017 Chardonnay

My favourite, gosh this is a good wine. Chardonnay – when spoken ends with a smile. “I’ll drink to that”. This wine has only spent a short time on oak (7 mths) and with the benefit of time has acquired a silky yellow colour, has bountiful and satisfying flavours of stone fruit and maybe vanilla, it is complex and interesting AND it does not fall apart upon opening.

Rosé and Sparkling Wines Hunter Valley

2021 Alicia Rosé

Our Signature Rosé has an alluring soft rhubarb colour; it is dry in style and is made from what our winemaker calls a ‘field blend’ of Sangiovese and Cabernet. It is lightly oaked and has flavours of strawberries and citrus, finishing with a toffee edge.

2020 Flora Sparkling Shiraz 

An exciting new addition, and much awaited, is our Hunter Valley Sparkling Shiraz. A beautiful rich shade of rhubarb and plum, when poured a pinkish blush of bubbles settle around the edge of the glass. A very easy-drinking celebratory wine with a soft, slight flush of sweetness. BUT BE CAREFUL WHEN OPENING, BE GENTLE.

2014 Sparkling Pinot Noir/Chardonnay

Wine critic Huon Hooke describes this wine as a: “Medium straw-yellow colour with a resiny, toasty, straw bouquet; the wine has substantial aged character and some complexity. Toasty, roasted hazelnut flavours, dry and savoury yet also soft and balanced, and easy-drinking. There is considerable richness and amplitude, but fades on the finish. It's more about Hunter terroir than anything”. Huon Hooke. This wine rightfully deserves the silver rating he gave it.