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Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

Posted : 06-Dec-2017

And so This is Christmas

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What wines to serve with Chinese Food

Posted : 30-Nov-2017

Q: What wines do I want to pair with Chinese Food?

A: This depends on what you are eating.

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Did Dom Perignon discover Champagne?

Posted : 29-Nov-2017

The legend of the monk Dom Perignon, his relationship with Champagne and did he really discover it?

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A delicious cocktail made from our Sparkling Rosato

Posted : 26-Jul-2017

Adina Vineyard Sparkling Rosato cocktail

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Sgroppino; Prosecco with a difference

Posted : 24-Jul-2017
Category : Wine

An Italian cocktail using Adina Vineyard Sparkling Bianco

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Interactive Cooking Class in the Hunter Valley

Posted : 05-Jul-2017

Interactive Cooking Class with chef Andrew Church on Saturday the 12th August

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Tips for Using Truffle Oil

Posted : 07-Jun-2017

Tips on how to use our Adina Vineyard Truffle Oil

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Wine Tasting Tips

Posted : 05-Jun-2017

Wine tasting tips from the Adina Vineyard cellar door

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What to do with Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar

Posted : 05-May-2017

What to do with Adina Vineyard caramelised balsamic vinegar.

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Posted : 01-Apr-2017

Cyndi Lauper and Blondie are in the Hunter Valley tonight. Come along. 

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Adina Vineyard 2015 Tempranillo

Posted : 31-Mar-2017

Adina Vineyard 2015 Tempranillo new release

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Adina Vineyard presents Feel The Manouche & Monica Trapaga

Posted : 05-Mar-2016

Gypsy and all That Jazz concert at Adina Vineyard in the Hunter Valley

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Adina Vineyard Olives

Posted : 16-Feb-2016

“The olive tree is surely the richest gift of Heaven” 
Thomas Jefferson

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St.Ives Food & Wine Festival

Posted : 16-Feb-2016

Adina Vineyard, in the Hunter Valley, will be participating at the St. Ives Food & Wine Festival on Sunday the 6th March.

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Another fantastic review from our guests

Posted : 10-Dec-2015

Not only do we get great guest reviews but we get great guests. So thank you for staying with us.

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A Fine Review From Guests

Posted : 24-Oct-2015

Thank you for your comments about our James Peter Cabernet

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New Wine Products

Posted : 22-Sep-2015

Adina Vineyard has released four new wines for spring

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Food & Travel Writers: Sally and Gordon Hammond Stay at Adina Vineyard

Posted : 22-Sep-2015
Category : In General

Food and Travel Writers Sally and Gordon Hammond visit the Hunter Valley

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Art at Adina Vineyard Hunter Valley

Posted : 20-Jul-2015

Visit and View our Cellar Door Art Exhibition by Karen Bloomfield

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Pruning of Wine Grape Vines in the Hunter Valley

Posted : 16-Jul-2015
Category : In General

Do we spur prune or cane prune?

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To Fortify or to Age That is the Question

Posted : 15-Jul-2015

About what you ask.

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Adina Vineyard Olives and Emerson's Restaurant Tasting

Posted : 18-Jun-2015

Every Saturday in June, come along to the Adina Vineyard Olive Experience/Emersons Restaurant Tasting

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Dorothée Heibel Art at Adina Vineyard

Posted : 17-Jun-2015

Dorothée Heibel, a Lovedale Art Trail participant @ Adina Vineyard

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Wine and Words

Posted : 10-Jun-2015
Category : Wine Words

'Vinus' is the Latin word for wine, 'vin' is the French word for wine.

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Your Dinner Party Wine Tips

Posted : 31-May-2015

Your dinner party wine tips.

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