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To Fortify or to Age That is the Question

Posted : 15-Jul-2015

I will get to the answer shortly, but first, what does fortify mean and what does it mean in relation to wine?

Fortify: to strengthen against attack? Not in this case!

If you are a fan of Fortified wines then the following definition fits the bill.

Fortify: to add one or more ingredients to increase the 'nutritional' content.

About Fortified Wine

Fortified wine is a wine to which additional, manufactured alcohol has been added, most commonly Brandy. Originally wines were fortified to preserve them. The fortification process continues however into the current day because it imparts delicious and distinctive flavours to the finished product.

Did you know that if the extra alcohol is added before fermentation is complete the result will be a sweeter wine with a higher alcohol content.

About Ageing Wine

The process of ageing wine can potentially improve the quality of the wine. For a wine to be able to age, many variables can come into play. They can be the grape variety, the vintage and don't forget how the wine is stored and whether you can resist opening the bottle. 

Now to the purpose of all of the above.

Adina Vineyard, in the Hunter Valley, has 5 litre oak barrels in which you can fortify or age your wine, for sale in the cellar door . We are also selling a 5 litre starter pack, this is great value when you consider the cost of purchasing a 750ml bottle of Muscat or Port. Call us on 4930 7650 or email us on