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Wine Tasting Tips

Posted : 05-Jun-2017

Wine tasting is about the experience not just about the wines you like; extend yourself and try something different. If you don’t like it there are choices; the spittoon or the person standing next to you

Where to start? Arm yourself with our score sheet and a pen. Remember your notes only need to make sense to you. This is the only way you will remember what you have tasted as the palate and the mind can get a little hazy after too many tastings.

Try something new!

Whites, reds, bubblies, sweet or dry? If you answer bubbly perhaps our Sparkling Bianco is the perfect place to start, made from our Semillon grapes in a Prosecco style, this wine is lightly sparkling and easy to drink. What is Prosecco style? To put this in simple terms, this is a wine style originating in Italy; made from different grapes, in our case Semillon, and using a different winemaking method, tank fermented, to that of champagne. Champagne is generally made from Chardonnay/Pinot Noir grapes and is bottle fermented.

Tips to tasting, you choose the order

  • Smell: bring the glass to your nose; I have seen one man cup his hands around the glass and his nose, now take in the aroma.
  •  Swirl: swirl the wine around in your glass, note well the alcohol legs that rest on the sides, now sniff again
  • Look: at the colour especially if it is a red wine you are tasting
  • Sip: finally you get to taste, don’t gulp it down just roll it around your mouth and swallow or not.

If there is water on offer, take a sip between tastings and use it to swill your glass.