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Tips for Using Truffle Oil

Posted : 07-Jun-2017

Tips for Using Truffle Oil

But first let me tell you a little about Truffles.

Truffles are a species of fungi that grow underground; they have a symbiotic relationship with the roots of trees such as Beech, Oaks and Poplars. The strong smell emitted is designed to attract animals to dig it up; once on the surface the spores from the truffle are spread on the ground by the animal enabling reproduction. Wonderful.

Adina Vineyard Truffle Oil is made from our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is infused with an Italian Truffle Aroma.

We don’t suggest you cook with it however we suggest you use it as an additive at the end of the cooking process. We also suggest you use it sparingly and not in all your meals otherwise the beauty and value of it will be lost.

·       Drizzle oil over mashed potatoes, pasta or polenta, a perfect match for the mild starchy base of these ingredients

·       Spread thinly over a pizza base or maybe add a few drops into the mix

·       Can you just imagine a few drops over scrambled eggs or added to a delicious cheese omelette. What a great pairing.

·       Wonderful with a beef Carpaccio; beef, shaved Parmesan, rocket and lemon

·       Think wild mushroom risotto; mushroom soup, mushroom ragout and mushroom polenta, anything mushroom really.