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What to do with Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar

Posted : 05-May-2017

enjoy the Adina experience

Some ideas for our Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar with thanks to

il fustino in Santa Barbara California


1.    To Finish Soups and Sauces: Balsamic and ripe summer tomatoes have a well-known affinity for one another. From that simple summer salad, it's not too hard to make the leap to tomato-based soups and sauces. Add a splash of balsamic to these dishes at the very end of cooking to marry the flavours.


2.    Braised Dishes: Balsamic added at the end of cooking adds a splash of brightness, imparting the whole dish with a deep, rich, slightly sweet flavour. In Spring we love braised spring radishes. Think of it like wine and add it along with the pan drippings to make fabulous sauces.


3.    Reduced to Syrup: We love reduced balsamic syrup drizzled over a scoop of vanilla ice cream; especially if strawberries are involved. If you are using il Fustino Aged Balsamic, reducing is not even necessary. But if you're working with a basic balsamic, throw a cup or so in a small saucepan with some sugar. Let it reduce until syrupy, give it a generous squeeze of fresh lemon and chill before using.


4. For Marinating Meat and Tofu: With some sliced shallots and a dollop of mustard, balsamic is one of our favourite vinegars to use for marinating. It's great with steak and other red meats, also stunning on duck. Don’t forget to use it on tofu and portabella mushrooms.


5. In Soda and Cocktails: Vinegar-based “Shrubs” are experiencing a renaissance. Given its sweet character, balsamic has a natural way of inculcating itself into a snappy beverage. You can dilute balsamic in soda water or lightly sparkling mineral water for a very grown-up fizzy drink! In cocktails, we like balsamic mixed with liquors like bourbon and rye, bracing!  Think Old-Fashioned.