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A Sparkling Hunter Valley Wine From Adina Vineyard for Christmas and New Year

Posted : 23-Dec-2014
Category : Wine

When I was a kid I remember the Gardenias being in flower at Christmas; a symbol of Christmas for me. Another symbol of Christmas was my grandmother's Christmas pudding, with sixpences in it, and served with custard and ice-cream. 

Now, however, Christmas means having a get together with my friends and family, still the scent of Gardenias and still eating the Christmas pudding but without the sixpences and now cooked by my mother, she adds Brandy. Santa still comes to the kids.

All of us at Adina Vineyard hope you enjoy your Christmas as much as we will. We recommend two of our Specialty wines for Christmas and the New Year.


Let's celebrate absent friends and family, sip a glass of our sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir.                            

Chardonnay Pinot Noir, sip and celebrate.      Non-Vintage Muscat to accompany the Christmas pudding.

Or pair a Sweet Semillon to sip with dessert, serve chilled.    

Not all food and wine however, needs to be paired. I prefer wine that I like to drink, and I like to drink it with food that I like to eat. It is about the taste for me and possibly for you.

I discovered a new word today, umami, a fifth taste sense. Wikipedia defines this word as "a pleasant savory taste" "...and one of the five basic tastes (sweet, sour, bitter and salty)." Interesting.

Master of wine Tim Hanni writes, "in the simplest terms, sweet and umami tastes predominating in a dish will render a wine thin, bitter, sour and unpleasant while salt and acidity in the food will make the accompanying wine richer or smooth, or taken to the extreme, flat and flabby. For instance, the combination of high acid white wine and oysters will not inherently enhance the flavor of either food, rather the vinegar based mignonette that dresses the oyster that will make a high acid wine taste balanced." Source

In any case it must be that your Christmas and New Year repast has good wine to drink with good food. "Life's too short to drink bad wine" Simon Hoggart   

When you are next in the Hunter Valley drop in for a wine tasting at Adina Vineyard. If you don't wish to wait until then you can buy our products online.