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Wine Words of the Week

Posted : 14-Jan-2015
Category : Wine

Alliteration developed mostly through poetry.

Wine words and phrases are often written by poets.

“his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine”
E.E. Cummings

Some beautiful and poetic wine words.

Cépage: the French term for a grape variety. Although we, at Adina Vineyard, do not use the term on our labels, our host has a certain affiliation with the French, and yes, he can speak the language.

Drip-Dickey: I love this word, and no it isn't poetic to me, but it is a great word. This term is a "Trademarked name for a cover that slips over the neck of a wine bottle and absorbs any drips that may run down the bottle after pouring, preventing stains to table cloths, counter tops or other surfaces". Source

Encépagement: another French term; the proportion of grape varieties used in a blend. Source

Fine Lees: "Following fermentation, some wines are aged on their fine lees. This is also known as aging sur lie. Fine lees are created from the fermentation process and are used to add more richness, complexity and aromatics to a wine." Source

Every craft has its own language, our craft is the art of winemaking, the words bespeak the art.