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Red-Wine Grape Harvest at the Adina Vineyard Paddocks

Posted : 02-Feb-2015

After a week of worrying about the prediction of rain, it came, it went and we conquered. Our red-wine grapes of Pinot Noir and Sangiovese are off the vines and as Peter says "the fruit came off very nicely". What an amazing machine, look at the grapes flying through the air and into the bin.

"Rosato" - a style of Italian Rosé wine

Some of our Sangiovese grapes are destined for a change at Adina Vineyard, that is, not only to be used for our 2015 Sangiovese wine. They will be used to make a Sparkling Rosato, called Rosato because the Sangiovese grape is the most widely planted grape variety in Italy and 'is the dominant grape of central Italian red wines' (Jancis Robinson)

Our Sparkling Rosato will be produced using  the skin contact method, that is, the juice will be left on the skins for a short period. Fact: the longer the skns remain in contact with the juice the more intense the colour.

When ready, our Sparkling Rosato will be corked and wired in the traditional style.