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Olea europaea: the olive tree

Posted : 12-Apr-2015

"The olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven..." Thomas Jefferson

  • The handsome olive tree can live for over 1000 years
  • The olive tree is a symbol of joy, peace and happiness
  • The olive oil extracted from the fruit of the tree is actually a fruit juice, I don't think I could drink it though
  • But, rub it on your skin, it feels so beautiful
  • The quality and taste of the 'fruit juice' is influenced by the species of the tree, the terroir and the care of our dedicated owner
  • The fruits of the tree and their products are high in antioxidants and monounsaturates
  • Drizzle the oil over steamed veggies
  • Or pour the oil into a small jar with some caramelised balsamic vinegar and then dip some delicious warm bread into it
  • Gently warm some olives and serve as a condiment with the bread and the oil mix
  • Make a delicious dressing by adding some salt and pepper and the juice of a lemon, gorgeous
  • Dining can be so simple with the fruit of the Olive Tree
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