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Your Dinner Party Wine Tips

Posted : 31-May-2015

In what order do we serve our wines?

Quite simple really, they are best served from light to full-bodied, from youngest to oldest, and from driest to sweetest.

So, we suggest you don’t serve your aged Shiraz before that crisp and refreshing Pinot Gris.

Of course there are always exceptions; cleanse your palates with a delicious bubbly before serving dessert.  

Our Tip

Don’t leave your “special” bottle of wine to serve too late. Do I need to tell you why?

Have some fun with a blind tasting if you are all wine buffs.  

What types of glasses should we use?

Stemware is the best choice. Firstly, the reason for this is so that your hands won’t warm the glass and change the temperature of the wine. Secondly by using stemware you are best able to taste and assess. The glass must be rounded at the bottom and tighter at the top.  

Mature wines are best served in tall and large glasses; this gives the wine space to breathe and expel its delicious aromas. Because younger wines have vibrant fruit flavours medium-sized glasses are best used. Bring out your beautiful crystal for the finest.

 Our Tip

Never fill to more than a third of the glass, if you do then you may miss out on the aromas and be unable to swirl.