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Wine and Words

Posted : 10-Jun-2015

5 of Our Wines

Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio

The confusion lies in the names but the variety is the same. Gris is grown in France, Grigio in Italy. Ours are grown in the Hunter Valley but we call it Pinot Gris.

Our winemaker is of French descent. The French style leans towards ripeness, richness and occasionally sweetness. This best describes the Adina Vineyard Pinot Gris.


The earliest plantings of this grape in Australia are here in the Hunter Valley. It makes for a delicate wine and has gained the Hunter Valley a world-wide reputation for its Semillon. This wine ages well becoming more complex in flavour with toasty and honeyed characters.


A white wine varietal, native to Portugal. Put your nose to a glass of Verdelho and smell the grapes. Drink that glass with friends over a lunch of shucked oysters or on its own.


Is a red wine grape variety originally grown in Italy. Did you know that this grape species can alter its genetics to suit the environment in which it is grown, thus altering the taste. Regardless of where it is grown it always exhibits the flavour of cherries.

Shiraz or Syrah

Shirax and Syrah are the same grape variety. If you are in Europe or the wine is from Europe then, this wine is called Syrah. If you are in Australia or South Africa then it is called Shiraz. But don't be fooled there are differences in the wine itself. This is due to the terroir and the winemaking styles.

If you like the full-bodied flavours then Shiraz is for you. Syrah is leaner but more complex with softer tannins.

I will return to more of our wines in the next blog.

5 Vineyard Words


Is the annual growth cycle of the vines. The cycle begins with bud-burst in spring and ends with leaf-fall in Autumn.


Describes the growth of the vine canopy. A vine that is too vigorous will carry excess foliage which will impart a herbaceous character to the wine.

Vine Training

Aids in the management of the canopy. Did you know though, that proper management of the canopy can adress issues such as grape ripening, sunburn and frost damage.


Is the science, production and study of grapes.